Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My new home

It has been an amazing transition since I left home and came to Cape Town, I been received with lot of blessings. It does feel home to be being back here again. To see the beauty that is created by our loving Lord Almighty.
One of my friends whom I did the school of biblical studies took me the community for a church service. It was about 30 people who were there. As the services carried it on, while worshiping the Lord; I had an amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit I saw a multitude of people around me. Then I asked the Holy Spirit what does it mean? Amazing enough I was told what I see are the people that are always praying for me and the Lord is honouring their prayers that is why I do see favours in many ways. Hearing those words made me cried and I do want to thank the Lord for all the amazing people that HE brought into my life, some are far some are close. And to all the people praying, encouraging and supporting me in all what you have THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Since I been here I been praying and looking for a place to stay, at the moment I live in a town call Fish Hoek with friends who open their house and their heat to host me until I do find a place to stay. A day ago I meet with an friend of mine whom he is a father and they are talking and praying about me being part of their family and live with them, but if that will happen I will be paying monthly rent which is $200 and buy my own food. But the idea of living with a family excites me because in the body of Christ we are all family. So please continue praying that all goes well for me to live with them because is not far from the YWAM base where I will be part of the DTS (discipleship training school)

At the mean time as I do have lot of love for the children I go to the community call Masiphumelolo and go to a pre-school, read Jesus stories and playing with them. 

Thinsg to be praying for

  • That things will work out well for me to live with the family in Muizenberg
  •   To have a monthly support
  • For more opportunity to grow in the love of Christ

In case you want to support financial please feel free to send me a message and they cheap way to send cash is Western Union Bank or through my account. 

Thanks you and blessings to you all 

Monday, September 1, 2014

It has been an in creatable journey it has been, as many of you know that I didn't go to Rwanda but end up going back home. Where I got to spend time with my family and friends at the same time, after that I went and join Youth For Christ (YFC) under the leadership of Ronas Marule  a man of faith and an example to many people in the communities. I am also helping a church with a youth program under a Korean Pastor and his wife Grace.

I no longer live in Masoyi I moved out, I do now live outside of White River to a community called Msholozi, and the reason I decided to moved out was so I be close to the youth and get to see how they live. That makes things easy for me to engaged and see what I need to teach about sometimes. I am serving 14 youth and kids that are so many. During the week day, I do help the youth with school homework, they come from school and go at the church then on Friday we meet and I do teaching and I love that we have no names for our programs they all called it meeting and I am okay with that, Saturday at 4pm we do have another meeting and Sunday after church we all eat lunch together that the church provides and then we have another meeting.

This youth they don't go anywhere they spend most of their time at the church, I have two rooms but I am using one at the moment. It has been three weeks but I praise God for the favor He has showed me with the relationship I have already build, I don't know how many times a day I do have one on one. and this one on ones are not planed, guys just show up in my room and want to talk to me and ask questions about so many things. I do cook for them yes some people may think that they boys come because of the food but they do bring their  own food and cook in my room and eat together while we talk.I do wish to have bigger pots because sometimes many boys do show up and spend so much time with me and I cant just not feed them but the pots I do have it now they are small I baugth them just for me but now I see the need to have bigger ones. that is one thing you can be praying for. I have seen miracles, one day I had to give up my last meal for the day. the following day someone drop a big bag of rice, maize meal, soup. Sometimes God will tell me to cook more food and later the boys will show up for deep talk.

Sometimes I will be going to buy bread and God will tell me to buy four loafs of bread and later more boys will come up and I share a meal with them. it reminded the story of the disciples in the book of Acts how they use to share a meal all all the time when they meet. I also do need a fridge to store food because buying food and have no where to save it, it does cost a lot to do that everyday.

But  I do enjoy being with the youth all week, we talk so much about Jesus all the time, sometimes they come just to hang out, and their parents when they meet me, they told me "Our kids loved you so much and we don't know why" I wish I can give them the answer but I chose not to, until they see it themselves. One day I was just walking towards my room because there is a pre-school next to my room. one kid from the school it was his first time at school he ran to me crying, I never saw this kids before, I picked him up and comfort him and then went and played with him. later I found out why he ran away. His teacher doesn't talk to the kids very well had to seat down with her and share what I know about kids. and I then put the little boy at the table to eat and he said to "please don't leave me" IT BROKE MY HEART but I had to leave him

following day at night walking with the youth around 7pm it was dark outside and we meet a man around 27 years old with a baby about less then 2 years old. the baby was crying so loud and the man put the baby on the ground guess what happen. The baby ran to me, i picked him up and the youth were amazed the baby stopped crying immanently and then give back to the man and the baby cried out loud again. I then told the man that I will hold the baby and walk with him where he goes, i took the baby from him and the baby stopped crying again until we saw his mom and I gave the baby back.

This past Sunday I was asked to preach and God gave me the message to preach about children how he valued them and how people don't value them. The message was so deep it made me cry while I was preaching it and I wish i can write all the things God revealed to me but they are too many. at the end I called all the kids to come fort and then called their parents to come forth to and pray fro their own children because the message was woman and man also need to create good memories for their kids. and the feedback I got from the parents after was encouraging many cried and the youth also came and had a meeting with me and telling me how it touched them, some even ask how to be born again, some told me the things they are struggling with at school. because I also touch in how boys make fun of others kids at school because they are poor. The Holy spirit was with me I felt it when I was giving away the message.

I do spend all my time talking and answering question and encouraging the youth, what I love about them is that they all always together and always committed to come to the meetings as they called.Twice  a week I also travel to go to Kabokweni and teach there as well in the afternoon at the feeding program, I teach about 18 high school student most of them are born again and is always a pleasure to teach them because they also always have so many good questions and then I do thank God that he sent me to Cape Town and learn his words first because no I do give it back to the people. But this month I will go there once a week because transportation fees it cost to travel twice a week. On the other hand I need to feed myself.

Have you ever been approach by someone you don't know and they say this words to you "you look Holy, can I ask question about God" well believe or not it happen to me.

I want to introduce to you one of my friend his name is Treasure he is 16 years old and he has two sibling Mxolisi who is 11 and her younger sister Gugu she is 7. The reason I include him here is that he is one of the youth that always come and spend time with me, he doesn't know the Lord yet but have hope that one day he will. He lives with his mother whose unemployed his father left them. he doesn't have school shoes as you see in the picture, I am asking to pray for his father to come back and also if anyone want to buy this young man school shoes so he can go and have education please help him.

This is Sifiso one of the most gifted singer, he is the one who lead praise and worship at the church, he lives with his grandmother and he also doesn't have school shoes and he loves the Lord so much.

I am hoping for the best for this youth and I do believe I am in the right places, please continues to pray for me and for the youth this is their names
Themba, Treasure, Selby, Sfiso, Life, Another Selby, Zinhle, Nothando, Dinoe, Nomcebo, Karabo, Promise, Nomthandozo. and one of this youth is one of the youth that comes from the Masoyi youth program I use to lead, her mom was so happy to see me and to continues and teach her kid.

This is getting too long but all of this happen in three weeks, things to be praying for
I do need more dishes and cups to host the boys more in my room, when they come to visit, another things is I do need a fridge to save food, and none of the youth have a bibles and  I would love to see them having one  to read. and pray for me to hear God and be bold enough to share the truth all the time.

I do get Monday half day off and Friday afternoon off I attend a staff meeting at YFC on Friday where I also got the share with the staff the word of God and Sartuday morning I always go home see my family.

Thank you for your blessing and prayer if you want to support me of the youth please use Western Union bank is much easy. Bless you.
as acts of love i shaved kids heads they enjoy it

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Today was one of the days where I got to see, why I spend my life studding the word of the Lord for 9 months.

I have learned so much from the word of the Lord and it has brought so much life and light in my life, at the end of my school. Many people asked me this question  "Now as you know about the word of God what are you going to do with it" well this is a different question for me is not about knowing is how much I care enough to do what God has called me to do and to share what He has showed me in my own life.

This past week we have been so busy learning, how to prepare a teaching and sermons looking ways of communication and learning how to teach Bible overview as well. But today I got the opportunity to preach at a local church in one of the community here in Cape Town called Capricon and is one of the communities that I use to go to evangelist at. went to a church where there is about 20 men all from Malawi we worshiped and praise the Lord in a one room shelter with loud music, and there was only one lady in the church and one kid.

As the worship was still going on I was so touch how the people from Malawi use sticks to make drums and it sounded so beautiful for sure in the ears of God and I love it. They dance like nobody business they are so committed in loving the Lord. I was so blessed to be in the midst and learning how to worship God in a different language and with people from different country. Then a time came for me to preach, I wanted them to preach to me but they wanted me to come and preach. As you know in Africa if you preach you are pastor. I just had to go with it,

The Holy spirit was moving in me as I was sharing the word of the Lord, I was enjoying just sharing what God has done and what He says in his word. The cool things was that when I done preaching the Pastor of the church invited me to go to Malawi and preach there they said, that was a powerful word from the Lord and I was so touch that the people do think of their own people back home. I am not going to Malawi though not yet, but so many of the man wanted to talk to me so I can share more of what God has putted in my heart. Already made plans to meet one of the guy on Thursday to share more about God.

This is what I will be doing in Rwanda teaching the word of God and preaching the word of God, I am so excited about what God will do through us, please keep me in prayer still don't have the flight ticket yet and need few things before I leave.

God bless you and thanks for your prayers

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cape Town

Is been to long I haven't wrote about what Good has been doing in me and through me, most of you know that I been home for a eight months. Spending time with my family getting to know my sister in law at the same time. But that ended when my father called me for something greater.I do miss seeing this faces they do bring JOY into my life
I been in Cape Town now for almost four weeks one of my favorite places to be in South Africa, Cape Town is so amazing beautiful and leaving next to the beach is so cool, that one things we don't have back home.

People still wonder what I am doing in Cape Town, I am doing a secondary school through YWAM is called SBS school of biblical studies is a nine months intense training, whereby I will read the whole bible in nine months YEAH. The training started at the end of last month and so far we have already read Philemon, Titus, Philippians, Galatians, Mark and last night started Acts. The method we use is so amazing called Inductive method. I have been learning so many good things one of them was a shocked to hear that the bible is not written to us. 
I wont into more details what we are doing because is too many things and it might confusing to some people. But through this teaching God has been working in my heart, especial about my past with my Dad.I didn't had a good relationship with my dad and he didn't love me the way I wanted to see his love. Through the book of Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation for all people. God spoke to me about that allot. That my dad didn't see the grace that was set in front of him. The best thing i learn from my dad is how to be not a good man. God is growing me into a deeper understanding of what it means to be his child. 
I am in a good hands of godly leadership love my leaders and the stuff. They do pour all what they have into us and helping and challenging in learning also in knowing God. I feel safe around them to share life with. 
as much as they gave us so much to work to do. I do get the opportunity to go out and minister to people sharing Gods love with people I don't know is so amazing. One of my unforgettable story about going to the community is. This past Wednesday I went to the community called Capricorn with few of my classmate and it is like 30 to 45 minutes walk. As we were walking I was complaining in mind to Jesus that is too far and why cant he provide a transport for us. In that day we also going through the book of Mark and Jesus reminded me how he use to walk to village to village and cities to spend with with people. To cut a story short I went to a house and find a young boy seating next to the door and he  saw my shoe laces and he asked me who taught me how to do the way tie my shoe laces. Well i then saw an opportunity to spend time with him, show him how and i also untie his shoe laces so i can teach him how, meanwhile we do that more kids showed up and also wanted to learn. In that group of kids there was a young girls about 7 to 9 of age. We began talking and she told me about her life story and the situation at home. I then ask her if she do want to pray for her mum. She told me she cant pray and I said to her say whatever is it in your heart. She hold my hands and began praying she said few words and I couldn't hold  myself I started crying. That moment there showed how much God doesn't care about how many words you say to him. 
I do have many stories to share but cant write them all, I am enjoying so much what I am doing her in Cape Town and learning God's word.  

friends and roommates.  

Be praying that God will show me more people he want to talk to. Love and Miss you all

Monday, December 10, 2012

Every Journey has a start

Is been a long journey that I been through. Let me share little but where I come from, I began to work and assist kids in 2002 at Maoyi Home Based Care after I lost my dad.  Then in 2006 I gave my life to Jesus and continued to serve in my community. Towards the end of 2008 got a call from God to leave all what I was dong be hide. At the beginning of the year 2009 went to do DTS at YWAM Kruger Park/ Ten Thousand Homes. Throughout that time God changed my life and told me that YWAM base was my new home.
I didn’t know what God was calling me to do at place where I didn’t even know what I was stepping into.  I was introduced to the youth in the community Mbonisweni and we became friends. At first they didn’t like me that much some thought I was from Maputo they way I was speaking. The I saw friend who were lost they were parting I join them so that I can get to know them better doing what they were dong with a heart of how to help then to  get out.  Then a bible study was established for the boys only and the first one they didn’t like it. But didn’t give up felt in love with the kids, more program began to shine through my four years been with them. I saw God change many people life in the bible study, youth service, soccer ministry, youth events, woman events and feeding programs.  

This is what i was teaching the kids to do
There are many things I wish I can write about what happened in the community with the youth but let me quote words from the youth 
‘’ Lennon,  Stanley came as an outside spend time and nights at my house, I was lot that time and we where parting all the time. He joined us so that he can catch the fish. Sometimes you need to swim with the fish so that you can know the fish well. He has been a good friend, taught me how to love kids I didn’t love kids like he do. He always plays with kids; he has been mean to me in a loving way. I think he came at the right time before I had to do a DTS and he helped me with that as well. I learn a lot from him I also encounter the Lord through him.’’

 Mzwadile a leader that I look up too and man I enjoyed serving and minister too.
‘’Mzwadile looking at the past years who I was before I was lost and through Stanley and God I never thought I was going to be the man and a leader that I am today. Stanley show me that leading people is not easy and you don’t need to lead people with your own understanding but you need to listen to what God wants.  Is so painful to see him leaving us but because of his investment we will able to continue were he left and able to take it further more he didn’t just leave us empty handed.” 
Witnes  “ I meet Stanley at the camp he was teaching about God and it was in my heart that I want to know the God he is talking about and he also said to me I am hungry to learn. I started to join the church and learn more about God. “’

Mxolisi  ‘’first time I meet Stanley I was thought he was from Mozambique as well, but as time goes by began to know him and I was lost as well  but he encourage me to keep growing in the  Lord I didn’t attend bible study but he didn’t give up on inviting me. Also on soccer he told me that I was a good soccer player yeah he did taught me many things’’

Lorryn “First time I meet Stanley I thought he was crazy, for me there are many thing that he taught me, even here at church he did manage to unite us a s a youth to be one. He also taught us how to love each other as brothers and sisters. He was good on encouraging and even though you did something wrong he was not judging you but encourage you all time so I wanna thank him for that.” 
Pastor S “ I also didn’t like him at first because they way he was talking but one day after the church he came and spoke to me about how many music do I know and I said many and he then he said how many verses do I know found out I only knew the one was taught in Sunday school. It was a challenged that he put in to know God more. I can say there reason I know God is because of him. He been a good brother, he also taught me how to plant.”
 Caven “from what I learn from Stanley was how to love people that was something I didn’t have in my life because I use to love being alone but now I know how to share with other people.”
 Lucritia ‘’First time  before I preach Stanley gave me a scripture that even today it help me to be the person I am today. He gave me so many positive advices about life and God. He been a good brother even at home they took him as one of the family member, one day he wanted to take us to the soccer game but at home they asked me who I am going with when I said Stanley they were so relief that shows that they do trust him. “

Pastor Nkambule ‘’Stanley doesn’t listen he forget what it was said in a good way because that it makes him to go beyond and challenged the youth to go extra miles. There were many things here but you made them shine, and I think for you going we will see more leaders rising up. You were good with the little ones many of us don’t have a way to play with them but you are gifted to them. Even at church during the service they will always wanna seat on your lap and they don’t do that to anyone”
 Mamphatsi (pastor’s wife)“My first time to be welcome at this church Stanley was there, some time along the road we had conflict but one thing I love about Stanley he was teachable and a good listener. After few minutes he will be laughing as always. I saw the enemy attacking him in many ways and he will always come to tell me and we prayed about it. I am so sad about him leaving us I didn’t know that the time is now for him to leave. I saw many changes in the youth’s life, beside that you loved kids when us we didn’t notice them, it was like you are Sunday school teacher kids always run to you, you didn’t end there you also went to love the mothers at church with all the honoring woman events you did for them. You did build many things in this church like you where an adult. You been a father, and a brother and when you say you are doing things you do it. You came up with many creative ways for fundraising you been a blessing to us. And what I love about you is that when you do something you do it with all your heart I think that Is a challenge for us to do things like you did.
Remember one day blessing was at home, and my mom called me and asked who is Stanley because all blessing can talk about is Stanley, kids will miss you. You made them felt love. You also went to the community and love more kids. I think of the preschool kids when you show up all the kids scream and you will pick all of them one by one because you notice everyone.  My heart is broken for you leaving and where you are going; i hope God will bless you and the people you are going too they are so bless to have you.”
 My time with TTH and YWAM has been amazing learn a lot about living in a community I have a family that I don’t think I will ever find anywhere. But my time came to an end with TTH and YWAM. I am at home now at Masoyi spending time with family and friends hoping to get a job soon. 
Thank you for all who supported me through prayers and financial I thank God through you. if you have any questions or words or encouragement. Etc

I had a good time working with the youth sharing life together and doing many things as brothers and sister. I will miss so many things about the youth and the kids.. I think what I enjoyed the most working with the youth was to see God changing many youth;s life and them taking ownership running things themselves. It just encourage me to want to do more.

Stan the man forever  

Monday, July 2, 2012

watchimg the fruites

In the past few months God gave me a vision

It all began when a team from New Hope came and did some teaching with the youth about how to honer each other. Then I got a vision of doing an event for the woman at church to honer them as mothers, who play an important role in our life, teaching, praying and taking care of us. I told the youth and they were all excited about. it took us almost 4 month to do it. but when the time came. we did it, I asked the youth to special things for the woman.Singing was one of them as we love to sing, and also we as the youth to stand in a gap of all the disrespect youth out there and said sorry for all the things they have caused in the woman"s life's. Too bad dont have picture of them

It was an amazing event, we cooked a meal and served them, and we did many more, i was just so amazed about how the youth stepped up and do what was right for the woman's. After the event, all the woman were filled with JOY, some testify at church about it, it didnt end there. Whenever i meet the woman they where telling me about how special they felt on the day we had the event. The pastor also said to us how powerful it was, i mean this is something that no one ever done it for the woman at church. I am glad that I was available for God to work through me.

When I first went to Mbomisweni community I was a strange to many, but things have changed now. I do now have a family. One of my success stories is of this leader that I now look up too. Mzwadile at first he was just a person but over the years God has changed has life in many different ways. Now I am walking with a leader who led by authority and showing an examples to many. One day i asked him to go with me to help in Dwaleni to put a roof and he came and he served with nothing in return. many left us, but we stayed be hide and continue to work.

 One of the things I love to do is prayer walks, again I took some of the boys i work with, Pastor S, Witnes and Mzwadile. I was impress how some of the guys step up into prayers. There some houses where we were not welcome, but I dont like to say no easy, I presssed on until one lady invited us into her house. And the after spending few minutes of sharing Christ the spirit of the Lord filled the room. and the led us to many sick people that we prayed for. Also one of lady gave her  life to Jesus yeah.

 For many weeks Mzwadile and pastor s have been coming to the base, we have been doing a garden bible study, farming in Gods way. we are doing this for the feeding programs. We have been studding the word together and doing many amazing work on base. with the help of Zach Price
 The garden is almost finished we already planted, Onions, Spinach, cabbage, beetroots. fort the feeding programs.